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Dorzecze Legnickiej

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Heart Brick, Red Square, Gothic Smile

Size | King 3/8" Size

Square Feet | 17,567 SF

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

Architect | GROUP - ARCH

Dorzecze Legnickiej

The architects specifically chose three types of King Klinker America thin bricks—Heart Brick, Red Square, and Gothic Smile, all in the King 3/8" size—to cover the outside of this building. This selection is part of their vision to blend the building into Dorzecze Legnickiej's lively urban atmosphere and the inspiring natural landscape. This area is where the bustling life of Wrocław meets the calm of nature. Their design combines this sought-after location and modern building techniques with green areas and decorations that hint at the Odra River's natural surroundings. The design's main inspiration comes from the peaceful rivers in lowland areas. The names of streets around here, like Mała Panew, Kłodnica, Bystrzyca, Stobrawa, Barycz, are not just random. They're named after rivers you might recognize from your weekend adventures. These street names are part of the architects' 'urban rivers' theme, leading to Legnicka Street in a way that mimics how rivers flow into the Odra River, becoming an essential part of the local ecosystem.

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