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Holiday Inn

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Old Fort

Size | King Size 9/16"

Square Feet | 36,920 SF

Architect | MPP

Holiday Inn

Rustic and beautiful: a modern hotel complex in the eastern part of Hamburg, located directly on the Berliner Tor in the eastern part of the Hanseatic city, in the Borgfelde district. There are two hotels here: a modern Wyndham Super 8 and a four-star Holiday Inn. Unusual, distinguished aesthetics of the hotel complex on Wikingweg Street which blends in with the city's historical buildings certainly adds to the charm of this part of Hamburg. The hotels are located about three kilometers from Hamburg's historic and architecturally magnificent city hall at Alsterfleet and two kilometers from the main train station. The hotel complex offers more than a thousand beds and a high standard of service, which, combined with its excellent location, makes it an optimal starting point for exploring this beautiful Hanseatic city.

The authors of this beautiful complex are architects from the renowned German design studio MPP. The architects at MPP paid special attention in developing the details. For example, the corners of the façade and the connections to neighboring buildings were planned and executed with extreme care. The roofing, which is clad with King Klinker thin brick on the underside, also attracts attention, giving the buildings a very modern feel. In addition, by using different thicknesses of King Klinker thin brick, MPP architects were able to achieve a perfect aesthetic impression of the solid King Klinker thin brick façade. The thin brick "Urban Blend" & "Old Fort" produced by KING KLINKER were used in the project.

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