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Holiday Inn

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Old Fort

Size | King Size 9/16"

Square Feet | 36,920 SF

Architect | MPP

Holiday Inn

In the heart of Hamburg's Borgfelde district, a stone's throw from the Berliner Tor, lies a modern hotel complex that beautifully marries rustic charm with contemporary design. Among its standout features is the four-star Holiday Inn, a testament to sophisticated lodging and exceptional service. This hotel, along with its counterpart, the Wyndham Super 8, enhances the eastern part of Hamburg with its unique aesthetics, blending harmoniously with the city's historical backdrop. The complex's proximity to Hamburg's city hall and main train station positions it as a prime location for guests to explore the Hanseatic city's splendors. Central to this project's appeal is the use of King Klinker America's "Old Fort" in king size for the thin brick facade, a choice that significantly contributes to the complex's distinguished look.

The architecture, envisioned and brought to life by the esteemed German design studio MPP, exhibits a keen eye for detail and a commitment to integrating with the surrounding urban fabric. MPP architects have masterfully utilized King Klinker's "Old Fort" thin bricks, ensuring the Holiday Inn not only resonates with Hamburg's historic essence but also stands out as a modern architectural gem. The thoughtful planning of facade corners and connections to adjacent buildings, along with the striking roofing clad in thin brick, highlights the meticulous approach taken to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design. This careful selection of materials and attention to architectural nuances underscores the complex's role as a harmonious extension of Hamburg's rich architectural heritage, anchored by the Old Fort thin brick's timeless elegance.

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