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Mill on the Cybina River

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Old Factory

Size | King 3/8" Size

Square Feet | 32,119 SF

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

Architect | Modern Construction Systems

Mill on the Cybina River

The Mill on the Cybina River is a special place on the map of Poznan. Going back to working millers and the crackling of grain-milling machines, the uniqueness and quality of the space and the wealth of history can be seen in every brick, detail, and even in the trees surrounding the building. Momentous historical events took place where the facility is located. At the beginning of the 19th Century, it was on the French army's main route as they passed through the Poznan and Wielkopolska regions.

As mentioned in historical sources, the Great Commander Napoleon Bonaparte traversed the Zieliniec regions, heading for Moscow. More than half a million men marched behind the Emperor. Legend has it that, full of hope for victory, he and his companions rested at the mouth of the Cybina River flowing from Swarzedzkie Lake, i.e. near the area where the Mill on the Cybina River is now located.

Today, despite the passage of time, the area around Swarzedzkie Lake still enchants with its beauty. The residents of our investment building benefit from not only the picturesque location, but something other residential projects lack, a significant piece of the history of the region.

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