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Nowy Strzeszyn

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Roman Theatre, Old Amber, Castle Rock

Size | Custom 2"x 10"

Square Feet | 19,990 SF

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

Architect | Insomia Design Office

Nowy Strzeszyn

The Nowy Strzeszyn project in Poznan, Poland, represents a fusion of innovation and tradition, leveraging the King Klinker America Ultra-Premium Collection's thin bricks—Roman Theatre, Old Amber, and Castle Rock—for its distinctive design. This residential development transcends typical apartment living by offering the privacy of individual homes within a communal garden setting, aiming for a seamless blend with the neighborhood's character while ensuring resident seclusion.

Custom-sized bricks highlight the meticulous planning involved, emphasizing the project's unique, intimate appeal. By marrying high-quality materials with modern design, Nowy Strzeszyn emerges as a model of contemporary architecture that respects historical materials while catering to the modern dweller's lifestyle, offering a refreshing departure from standard residential patterns.

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