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Port Popowice

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Old Factory

Size | King 3/8" Size

Square Feet | 47,643 SF

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

Architect | WXCA, Mackow Design Studio

Port Popowice

The Port Popowice project is a new beginning, another chapter in the history of this unique place. The symbolic inauguration of the project is also an attempt to maintain continuity between the past and the future of the port. In addition to an erection commemoration, a time capsule with objects symbolizing contemporary Wrocław and the Port Popowice project have also been placed in the foundation of the building. These include current issues in the local press, banknotes and coins, a smartphone, a map of the project with visualisations, letters from the citizens of Wrocław, the city's zoning study, and a flash drive with a recording of the voices of the folk of Popowice.

Port Popowice is a complex of multi-family buildings under construction in Wrocław, also known as Marina Park. The construction of the buildings started in summer 2018, and will end in 2028. The commercial area of this development will amount to 33 acres. The Erbud Construction Company is the general contractor for the building, the architectural design is by Majewski Architektura, and the development design is by Rank Progress from Legnica, in cooperation with Vantage Development. Nearby there is a swimming pool on Wejherowska Street, and the Legnicka Street I edifice and the Biznes Port office building will be built there.

This new investment harks back to the 100-year history of the former Popowice Port. The inspiration of tradition can be seen in the decorative motifs of the building’s common areas and in the landscape architecture. The investment concept combines opposite poles: tradition with design, and the city center with the proximity of nature, past and future. This unique marriage with the unusual atmosphere of the former port in the background makes the Port Popowice project shine brightly on the map of Wroclaw's investments.

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