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For thin brick field installation, the recommended installation methods in the TNCA (Tile Council of North America's) "Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation" and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards should be followed.

Note: Differences in color shades of thin brick products are a natural occurrence as a result of the manufacturing process. To achieve the natural blended appearance, remember to mix thin bricks from different cartons and pallets.

installation methods

Speedymason Exterior Brick Lath Installation Method for Thin Brick

Exterior Composite
Brick Lath

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Speedymason brand is the only system of this category and it allows a full set of thinset mortar between the panel and the thin brick but also includes guides to show where to place the thin brick for easy installation, this system has the integrity of the tradition method but saves time and labor costs.

Traditional Method for Installing Thin Brick

traditional method

A metal lath is used and a scratch coat of thinset mortar is applied over the top of the metal lath then dried, then a notch trowel is used to apply a second layer of thin set adhesive and the thin bricks are applied directly on top and pressed into the thinset.  After set, the grout can be applied between the thin bricks.

Cement Board Panel for Installing Thin Brick

Cement Board Panel Systems

Cement board thin bricked panel systems are a cement board with thin bricks adhered to the board.  The panels give customers the ability to design without the expense of a foundation or the expense of labor associated with brick masonry.

Ultra-speed thin brick system

Speedymason Ultra-Speed Thin Brick System Brick Board
Speedymason Ultra-Speed Thin Brick System Brick Board
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The Ultra-Speed thin brick system combines the ease of the Speedymason brick lath panel with the Ultra Speed King Klinker thin brick. This simplified method eliminates the need for grouting and striking. One person can complete 34 square feet of thin brick per hour, an extreme labor savings. 

Speedymason Ultra-Speed Thin Brick System
Speedymason Ultra-Speed Thin Brick System
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