technical data

Test Description: Center brick is extracted from 5 precast panels. Another set of 5 precast panels undergo 300 cycles of freeze/thaw and then the center brick is extracted. 

Imperial Bricks Angle.jpg

PCI Freeze/thaw pullout

King Klinker thin brick exceeded the freeze/thaw tests by at least 27%.  Freeze/thaw cycles have little effect on King Klinker thin brick. King Klinker passed for all clay body colors. 

Please contact us for PCI certification letter. 

Test Description: Brick is placed in cold water for 24 hours and boiling water for 5 hours. 

water absorption

King Klinker thin brick has a water absorption of ~3%, just enough water absorption for perfect bonding yet not too much for maximum integrity of the clay body. 

Cool Brick Photo.png


King Klinker thin brick has no chalky white efflorescense usually caused by impurities in the clay.


King Klinker thin brick meet TBX tolerance for all sizes.

Modular and Norman meet PCI dimensional standards for precast projects.


Test Description: Bricks tend to bow the longer the dimension.

Test Description: Important for Precast as bricks get stepped on before pour.

IMG_2996 (1).jpg


All King Klinker thin brick sizes meets the warpage standard of TBX.

chemical resistance

King Klinker thin brick is not affected by acidic cleaning agents.


Test Description: PCI pullout tests were done with ribbed backed brick as we had not made the keybacked at that time.

Key-backed brick.jpg

Brick back structure

King Klinker thin brick can be made with a key-backed structure or a ribbed-backed structure.



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