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Gato Office Building

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Street Life

Size | King Size

Square Feet | 16,100 SF

Architect | Marcin Woyciechowski, Tomasz Piechota, and Radosław Orłowski

Gato Office Building

GATO, a completed facility in 2021, stands as a testament to modern architectural sustainability. Therefore, it is no wonder that the eco-friendly King Klinker Street Life thin brick was chosen to envelop this design. Encompassing an impressive 16,100 SF, this state-of-the-art business environment extends skyward across seven above-ground levels. It features top-tier Class A+ standard offices, versatile commercial areas, and a striking ground-floor lobby.

Crafted by architects Marcin Woyciechowski, Tomasz Piechota, and Radosław Orłowski, GATO is not just a building; it's a commitment to sustainable development. The "Excellent" certificate from the BREEAM classification, which evaluates the environmental impact of new constructions, underscores GATO's dedication to green principles.

Eco-friendliness takes center stage with the use of King Klinker Street Life thin brick, seamlessly blending sustainability with aesthetic appeal. The facility also incorporates electric vehicle charging points, a cyclist-friendly room with facilities, and a rooftop oasis resembling a small jungle. Internally, GATO integrates technological innovations for energy conservation.

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