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Sagaris Malta

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Sagaris Malta

In the vibrant eastern precinct of Poznań, King Klinker America's Old Factory in king size stands strong on the exterior of Sagaris Malta, a modern architectural marvel, blending the elegance of historical restoration with the finesse of contemporary design. This unique residential complex boasts four sleek buildings, a commercial center, and an underground garage, all integrated within the charm of a restored locomotive shed. Located on Dymka Street in the Antoninek-Zieliniec-Kobylepole district, it offers picturesque views by the Warta River and the Olszak pond, surrounded by modern estates. Sagaris Malta enriches its residents' lives with unparalleled convenience and a sense of community. A plethora of local shops, including Zabka and Lidl, and essentials like a bakery, gas station, and dining venues, are just around the corner. The M1 Shopping Center, merely 2 km away, adds convenience with its array of supermarkets, eateries, and entertainment. Educational facilities in the nearby Rataje estate further cements this complex as not just a residence, but a vibrant community hub.

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