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Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Winter Field

Size | King 9/16" Size

Square Feet | 29,828 SF

Installation Method | Traditional Install Method

Architect | Design Studio, Dziewonski Lukaszewicz Architects


Winter Field from King Klinker America's Traditional Collection was chosen to enhance the facade of Toscom. This neutral gray brick brightens the building while harmonizing with its surroundings. Toscom is an apartment building located in Wrocław's Old Town district, at 9-11 Traugutta Street and 13a Krasinskiego Street. This seven-story structure encompasses 40,903 square feet, with the largest portion dedicated to 3,832 square feet of retail space.

The building's design was crafted by architects from the Dziewonski Łukasiewicz Architects studio in Wrocław, and it is being developed by Toscom Development.

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