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University of Warmia-Mazuri

Thin Brick Breakdown

Thin Brick | Bengali Sunrise

Size | King Size

Architect | Sosak & Sosak

University of Warmia-Mazuri

Nestled in the historic Kortowo district of the university campus, near the main route to Warsaw, stands a building that blends tradition with modernity, illuminated by the "Bengali Sunrise" thin brick from King Klinker America's Traditional Collection. Its rich rust-orange hues reflect the dawn's first light, paying homage to the area's historical architecture from the late 19th century. The design, inspired by the concept of 'genius loci,' marries old-world charm with contemporary needs, using materials and colors that echo the past while serving the University of Warmia and Mazury's future.

The building's fragmented shape and varied heights integrate seamlessly with the urban landscape, enclosing a square that extends the university's communal spaces. Adorned with thin brick from King Klinker and captured by Patryk Pohl Photography, this project stands as a modern interpretation of historical aesthetics, where the "Bengali Sunrise" thin brick not only decorates but also connects the past with the present.

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